Supercharge Your Business Revenue With Facebook Advertising

Supercharge Your Business Revenue With Facebook Advertising

Assuming you have not been living under a rock for the past few years, chances are good that you are a member of Facebook – the mighty social media giant. With close to 2 Billion worldwide users each day (you read that right – each DAY), Facebook is firmly entrenched as one of the leading social platforms out there and will likely continue to stay in that top spot for countless years to come. And this is not just about individual user profiles – Facebook also leads the pack when it comes to business marketing and online advertising. With just a click of a button, an entire world full of people are at your fingertips, ready to purchase the products your company worked hard to provide.


And this is not just a USA focused platform – with more than 3 million Europe-based users as of the beginning of 2017, Facebook is becoming one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in Europe as well. Think about the possibilities! You can instantly sell products not only to people in your direct geographic location, but also to consumers worldwide. The marketing potential with Facebook is truly breathtaking, and the sooner companies get in on the ground level of this growing overseas platform, the sooner they can start reaping the rewards of its advertising treasure trove.

Targeted Online Advertising Is The Best Way To Unlock Your Business Earning Potential

Marketing avenues are a dime a dozen, really. Some work, and some don’t, and there are countless options in-between that are at best wild shots in the dark in hopes that they will bring in a sale or two. If you are tired of guessing with your business marketing and advertising, then it is time to start looking into Facebook advertising. One of the few platforms that has been proven to work time and time again for countless industries, Facebook can help you unlock the earning potential of your company quickly.


Where a lot of businesses go wrong is when they try to market their products on their own., They quickly find that it takes time and a depth of marketing knowledge that they just don’t have the energy to keep bringing to the table day after day, and so most companies that start out on Facebook with their ads quickly fizzle out. Companies that work with us, though, have the benefit of being able to sit back as we do all the hard work of targeting customers through unique, compelling ads, passing on the hard-earned revenue to our clients week after week after week.


Selling products is about so much more than just quickly writing some text, adding a photo of your product, and then hitting publish, and this is where a lot of companies go wrong in their online marketing efforts. When selling a product, you have to consider WHY each individual customer group may be interested in purchasing the product, and you have to also consider WHEN in the day or week they might be most compelled to purchase that product.


By targeting your potential Customers in such a focused and unique way, you open up the most possibility for them to actually buy what you are selling. Because – at the end of the day – the best ad campaign in the world can quickly turn into an epic failure if no one ever clicks the ad and follows through with actually buying the product that the ad is marketing. Fortunately, we are in the product selling business, nit just the advertising business, and it is our goal to have every ad we run result not just in clicks, but also in purchases.

Customization Is Key To Creating Great Ads

Another huge benefit to the Facebook platform is that it allows users to create not just individual profiles, but groups and interest pages as well. This means that you can filter your potential audience by their profile info as well as the groups they belong to and the interests they have listed. This kind of advanced filtering allows you to infinitely customize your ads so that you are marketing to a completely vetted buying audience, versus just casting a wide net and crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. You wouldn’t do that with any other area of your business, so why should online advertising be done that way?


It just doesn’t make sense!


Every person that is a potential buyer of your product has a unique story to tell, They are all motivated differently, have individual buying habits and interests, and are looking online at different times of day, To best capture their attention and potentially turn them into a paying customer, you have to meet them where they are at. Expecting them to come to you, or to be enticed by a generic ad campaign is setting your advertising efforts up for sure failure, right from the start.


If you want to give your marketing a leg up over your competition, and if you want to attract qualified customers that actually are excited to hear from you and want what you’re selling, then customizing your ads is the only sure way to find success.



If You Want To Market Your Business Effectively, Facebook Should Be An Integral Part Of Your Online Marketing Strategy
If You Want To Market Your Business Effectively, Facebook Should Be An Integral Part Of Your Online Marketing Strategy

With literally billions of potential customers sitting just a keystroke away, marketing your products on Facebook or its partner, Instagram, is an absolute must. You would be hard pressed to find a platform online with more ad-running potential, just based on the sheer volume of daily users. From a usability standpoint, Facebook takes the cake as well – its analytics and ad customization options are unparalleled, giving your company the opportunity to target specific demographics and interest groups – all while measuring each and every ad click and data point after your ad goes live.


If you are looking for an advertising platform that is on a growth trajectory as well, then Facebook checks that box with ease. Each year the site users increase by approximately 18% - a staggering number to comprehend, even in this tech-forward day and age.


While many people prefer to use Google Ads to sell their products, we recommend including Facebook ads into any online marketing campaign for one reason: it works. Everything about the Facebook platform creates potential for you to can reap countless benefits for your company. It is a low-risk, high-reward marketing option that lets you set the cost of each ad so that you can pay what you want for the visibility you need – it is that simple.

Attract Mobile Users And Traditional Desktop Customers Alike

Another awesome fact about Facebook is that an incredibly high percentage of desktop users also use the Facebook app so that they have access to the platform on the go. This means your ads can be ever-present in front of your target audience no matter the time of day or the day of the week. With a phone or tablet always on hand, you can deliver your ads to them instantly – giving them access to your products when they want them.

It is estimated that as many as 1 Billion users take Facebook with them on the go (on a tablet or smart phone) which is a huge number of potential customers! It is proven that mobile device users have different purchasing habits than those that shop using a traditional computer, so it is vital that our ad efforts target those mobile users in a unique way that they will respond to.


The same is true of desktop users – they need targeted ads that will encourage them to purchase your products, not turn them off to what you are selling simply because the ad delivery method did not resonate with their preferred online experience.

Save Time And See Increased Results By Hiring A Qualified Advertising Team

Here’s the deal – getting your products in front of a qualified buying audience takes unrelenting work and lots of time. This is especially true of you are just starting to build your company’s brand, or are trying to grow a small customer base into a large, thriving community of buyers that are hungry for your products. With a highly saturated platform like Facebook, it is even more important to know how to best market and position your ads so they are seen by the right audience at the right time. Because of this, most companies choose to hire people to take their ads to the top, freeing their in-house team up to use their skills and marketing minds to better serve the company’s vision elsewhere.


There is unbelievable value and ROI to be had when you partner with people that are Facebook advertising pros. The marketing world is ever-evolving, and it can be difficult for a company to stay on top of current trends and tools when they are still focused on running the day-to-day operations of that company.


That is where we come in.


We can help you identify top-tier marketing audiences, determine the ad styles that will best suit your products, manage your live ads, measure the data points and provide you with ongoing success metrics, and so much more. Imagine what you could do knowing that your Facebook advertising was being handles professionally and efficiently, all the while bringing in sales and making you money?


Get a competitive edge on other companies in your industry simply by hiring the best to represent you online. While they are still puzzling over how to use the Facebook ad platform, we can have multiple ads up and running before you can snap your fingers and say “abra cadabra!”





Focus, Integrity, Transparency, And Flexibility Are Our Building Blocks

Whoever is managing your online advertising efforts has incredible access to the inner workings of your company. They will know inner-circle intel on how you conduct business and on how your products are priced and marketed, so it makes sense that those people must be trustworthy and have proven themselves to be successful and full of business integrity.


We have managed millions of dollars worth of Facebook Advertising campaigns for clients over the years, and our average revenue increase for our clients is a stunning 3 to 1 ratio – that means that for every $100 spent with us, on average we are able to get a $300 return. This ROI of course depends on the industry and length of campaign, but overall it is an incredible metric that tells a story of focus and dedication to our client’s needs.


We have managed campaigns targeting specific, small audiences, all the way up to ads that targeted the population of entire countries. This robust experience was built from our commitment to:


Focus: We work relentlessly to narrow down your marketing vision so that we can distill the best possible audience group for a particular ad or product. From there, we can be so much more effective in our marketing efforts, versus campaigns that take a “market to everyone” approach and end up losing a lot of potential customers because the ad campaign did not hit them where it counted emotionally or geographically. Custom-tailoring each ad to a specific audience is how we find such high levels of ROI for our clients, and it is a marketing approach that we are confident will work very well for your company as well.


Integrity: We believe that one of the most important assets we bring to the table is our integrity. We value the privacy of our clients above all else, and never out clients in a position where there is a conflict of interest with our other clients.


Transparency: With all the data measuring tools and real-time tracking capabilities that Facebook has to offer, we can offer unparalleled levels of work transparency to our clients, We generate reports regularly so you can see how your product ads are doing, and we can adjust ad copy and placement on the fly depending on your unique needs or requests.


Flexibility: Since we are constantly monitoring how your ads are performing, we have the ability to be flexible and adjust ads as we see fit so that you are always reaching the most people possible and making the most of your ad budget. If we see that a particular ad is underperforming, we will pull it and replace it with a new one, If we see an ad that is performing well beyond our expectations, we will direct more funds and energy toward that. It is an ever-adjusting process – one that we have perfected so that our clients can reap the benefits.

Client Case Study: Targeted European and Middle East Facebook AD Campaign netted an unheard of 300% RETURN RATE!
Who Is A Good Fit For Our Facebook Advertising Services?

Our highly-trained sales team has years of experience helping clients just like you promote products online easily and effectively, We focus on high ROI levels, ensuring that your financial investment into online advertising turns around and quickly shows profitability.


If you are:

-          Anyone looking to sell a product through Facebook or Instagram

-          A digital publishing company looking to have professional ads created

-          A company looking to have on outside firm take over management of online advertising efforts

-          An individual seller looking to sell their products and get ORDERS


We can help!


We have experience working with large, multi-million dollar companies all the way down to startups and mom and pop shops. While no campaign is too small for us to work on, we do recommend certain service options based on their proven success with other companies in the past:


1. Commission-Based Advertising


With this commission-based model, we charge based on your total advertising spending budget and also collect a small fixed commission percentage off of each sale our ads generate for your company. This model lets you budget the base cost easily, and since commission payouts are made after products sell, you do not have to come up with those payments until you KNOW our ads are working.


2. Cost-Per-Product


This model is a bit more nuanced, but many clients prefer it because it has little up-front financial requirement from you. We cover the initial ad cost, and then charge you a fixed rate for each product we sell. This is similar to how an affiliate marketing company would charge for their services, and is a great way for companies with smaller marketing budgets to get into the Facebook marketing game without a lot of initial financial overhead.


If one of these options resonates with you and your marketing needs, great! Let us know and we can start working with you to market your product immediately!

We Don’t Just Run Ads – We Sell Products!

We Don’t Just Run Ads – We Sell Products!


Some companies focus solely on creating and managing ads. We go one step further and actually focus on selling your products! This is a key difference that bears explaining. While we never guarantee a dollar amount of revenue that our ads will generate, we do promise our clients that when you work with us, you can expect us to place a premium on generating qualified leads that turn into sales. On average we have a 3 to 1 ROI – an incredible average in the advertising market!


One of the reasons we are so effective at selling products is that we have experience in sales! We are not just a digital marketing team – we have various backgrounds and use that experience and knowledge to your benefit.


We work tirelessly to get inside the minds of your target audience, tailoring our ad text, placement, and delivery times to just the right moment when we feel those people are most likely to purchase your products. If you are ready to stop shooting ads blindly out into the online universe, then let us know. We can help turn your fruitless online advertising efforts into a thriving, robust Facebook advertising program!



Client Case Study: Targeted European and Middle East Facebook AD Campaign netted an unheard of 300% RETURN RATE!

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